Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Political Involvement and the Law of Attraction

I love politics. I spent the majority of 2008 immersing myself in political involvement. I worked on campaigns, was a daily contributor on many of the political blogs, made phone calls, wrote letters, called into radio shows, etc. I really got into it; it was fun or at least it start out that way.

After campaigning for several months I had to take a break because I got burned out. I had lost that feeling of excitement and purpose that got me involved in the first place and I just felt angry and frustrated all the time. It didn't feel good to feel this way and I wanted to get to a better feeling place fast so I decided to watch one of my Abraham workshop DVDs. I find the teachings of Abraham-Hicks to be so inspiring and empowering and I always feel better after watching a tape or listening to one of their Cd's. Go figure that the tape I put on would have a discussion about political action and the Law of Attraction. Talk about being a vibrational match!

Abraham gave the following suggestions for approaching any kind of political action. Even though the question being addressed was about political involvement Abraham's words could be applied to any endeavor.

  1. Focus on what you want and why you want it.
  2. Be clear and stay on message about what you want. Let what you want be the dominant focus.
  3. Pre-pave your desired outcome instead of always reacting to what is.
  4. Get people dreaming and talking about what they want.
  5. Act from a place of empowerment.
  6. Use the contrast to collect data and then use the data to pivot to what you desire.
  7. The most empowered and effective group is the one that is the most aligned with their desires.
  8. Ask yourself what is the greatest benefit a person can get from what you are proposing.
  9. Teach self empowerment.
  10. Self empowerment means you can achieve anything that you want.
  11. Teach self-empowerment and stop seeing people as broken.
  12. Envision the way you want it, make it dominant so that you speak from a framework of how you see it not on what is.
  13. Focus on what’s working instead of what’s not working.
  14. See what you don’t want; define what you do want; turn your undivided attention to what you do want – talk about it, imagine it, pretend it, look every day for evidence of its manifestation.

I was so inspired by what Abraham had to say that I immediately put the suggestions to work and it made all the difference in the world. My political involvement became inspired, purposeful and fun again and I realized a lot of new things about myself and the Law of Attraction in the process.

I realized the value of contrast. I learned how to use contrast to help me gain clarity on what I really wanted for myself and the situation. Although there were many times that I allowed the contrast to rule my thoughts and actions once I understood it's value to provide clarity and began to deliberately work with the contrast, things around me started to change because my focus changed. I became empowered about the kind of world I wanted to live in and the kind of person I wanted to be. I found that when I approached my work from this place of empowerment and connection to Source people were more receptive to what I had to say, resources were provided, inspired ideas were abundant. I had more energy and more engaging and open minded conversations.

I was able to listen to people and really hear what they had to say instead of secretly wishing they would stop talking so that I could give my own view of the situation. I enjoyed the diversity of opinions and hearing about other peoples experiences. I realized that I could enjoy the exchange of ideas and could learn new things from those that have different views from me. Hearing different viewpoints made me challenge many of my long held political views and that's a good thing! I love challenging my own limited thinking and narrow minded views but I was surprised how deeply held some of my political views had become. I allowed them to go unquestioned for too long and they no longer represented the person I am today. Experiencing diversity allowed me to expand my thinking.

I started to see how my own thinking was contributing to the world around me. I understood that real change happens from the inside out and on a larger scale happens first in the individual and then is reflected in our society. I think sometimes it is so easy to get caught up in the problem that we lose sight of what we are working for. The problem becomes the dominant focus and we always get more of what we focus on.

We have to be it before we can see it.