Saturday, May 30, 2009

My DVD Workshop Notes from the 2005 Abraham Alaskan Well-Being Cruise - Part 3

My apologies for the lapse in the workshop notes over the past few days. I had a family situation this week that needed my full attention. Here is Part 3 of my notes.

Make a decision to use the emotional guidance system that you are born with. Be the vibrational being that you are and be aware of your vibrational frequency. It's not necessary to align your frequencies with anyone else on the planet, it's about aligning the frequencies within you. That is all it's about. And the only way to do that is to be aware of your emotional guidance system. You emotions are the indication of the mix of vibration.

Abraham talks again about Jerry & Esther's navigational system called Magellan. Magellan wants to know where you want to go because it knows where you are and can guide you. With your emotional guidance system you have to know where you are as you are making your way to someplace else and the feeling of relief that you feel as you begin to move up the emotional scale is your indication of your improved vibration.

On one end of the emotional scale are those good feeling emotions like joy, love, passion, appreciation. The other end of the scale feels like fear, disempowerment, depression. As you pay attention to how you feel you can tell which end of the scale you are leaning towards.

On the good feeling end of the scale is your perception of freedom and on the not so good feeling end of the scale is your perception of disempowerment. It is your perception that is important because you are the one who is projecting thought. As you begin to understand this then you will understand that as you improve your place on the emotional scale you will feel the feeling of relief. Each time you move up the emotional scale even the slightest bit the subsequent feeling to you is one of releasing resistance and releasing resistance always feels like relief. Allowing is on the good feeling end of the scale and resistance is on the not so good feeling end of the scale.

Magellan makes a big squawk when Jerry & Esther veer off from the highlighted route. Your emotions are giving you similar information.

No one has the ability to choose for you more effectively for you than you do. When a preference is born within you Source comes into immediate agreement with it, this is what the evolution of the Universe and of every species is about. You didn't come into these physical bodies intending to take a few good ideas and then whittle them down to even fewer ideas. You didn't say lets take all that everyone is living and just get a philosophy we can all agree on. You said let's take all the ideas that exist and expand them to even more. Let whatever is there be there while we control what comes into our own physical experience.

Abraham gives an example of being a chef in a well stocked kitchen with every ingredient imaginable. You decide you want to make a pie and gather all the ingredients together to make the kind of pie you want. But then you notice some ingredients in the kitchen that you don't want in your pie and you announce that you want those ingredients removed from the kitchen. Abraham says, if you don't want those ingredients in your pie then don't put them there. You think that just because those unwanted ingredients are in the kitchen means that they can somehow get in the pie you are creating. Abraham says that someone else might want those ingredients in their pie and not to worry because no one can ever put anything in your pie, you put every ingredient in so it's best to allow all of it and focus only on the ingredients that you want to include in your pie/creation.

When you say that you want everything you don't like removed from the kitchen, you are attempting the impossible, you are attempting the limiting of the Universe. Make the unique pie that is pleasing to you and keep your nose out of everyone else's pie. It's only by putting your nose in their pie that gets what they are doing in your pie to begin with.

Make peace with where you are because as you are standing in a place where you are unhappy with your incompletion you hold yourself in a place where you don't allow what's ready to come in to come in.

There will never be a time that you will say - there is nothing more that I am wanting - because the contrast always causes a new desire to be born. As the new desire is born, at first it is odd, because you are not a vibrational match to it. Now your work is to become a vibrational match to your own desire and this is done by moving up the emotional scale.

You look at it, imagine it, pretend it. You remember things like it and in time you become a vibrational match to it and then everything is in alignment. When everything is in alignment the manifestation occurs. There will always be another unfulfilled desire, something that you are working towards coming into vibrational alignment with. When you relax in that now you have it.

Now you can stand in a relaxed attitude, in a place of constant joy, allowing the contrast (variety) as it comes to you to produce the new, clear idea, knowing that you can come easily into alignment. When you really get it that there is nothing that you can't be, do or have - now you'll be like the sculptor who stands in a place with the materials and you won't be unhappy when you've got your hands on this first big glob of clay. You never see them throw it down and then complain - oh, it didn't turn out right. Each time they know that they have to do some work so that the clay on the table begins to match the image in their mind. Some have a pretty clear idea of the image they are going for in the beginning and some of them the idea continues to evolve as they work with the clay. There is always another clump of clay they can work with but they discovered long ago as genius creators the joy of making the clay match the image.

And that is really what your work is. You've got all this contrast that is giving birth to these ideas that are formulating and now it's your work to make the vibrational content of you match the images that are being held for you in vibrational escrow.

Monday, May 25, 2009

My DVD Workshop Notes from the 2005 Abraham Alaskan Well-Being Cruise - Part 2

You are Source Energy in a physical body. You are out here on the leading edge of thought assisting in the expansion of the Universe.

Your emotions are your indication of what you are doing with your vibration. This is why it is so important to pay attention to how you feel. Your emotions tell you where you are vibrating and your vibration equals your point of attraction. Once you really understand this you will never be surprised about what manifests in your life. You can't set your radio dial on 630 AM and receive what's being broadcast on 98.7 FM, the frequencies have to match up.

If you want more money but you've got your frequency set on I don't have enough money, more money cannot come to you.

As you are observing what is you are offering a vibration that matches what you are observing and the Universe matches that vibration and gives you more. Then you observe more of what is and get more of what is.

If you want what is to change you have to start offering a different vibration. Don't continue to fight what is but instead make peace with it. Try to find a way of looking at what is and make yourself feel better about it. As you find a way to make peace with where you are, you begin to open your vibrational portals and will begin to allow in those things that have been waiting for you in vibrational escrow.

It's wonderful that you live in an environment with this glorious buffer of time. Be glad that your thoughts don't manifest instantly. Often you are nearly on the brink of manifestation but because you stop and take score and see that it hasn't physically manifested yet your vibration turns to one that is reflected by disappointment and then you start moving away from what you said you wanted. Your thinking either brings you closer to your desired manifestations or takes you away from them.

Abraham offers a few examples:

Jerry and Esther being in Phoenix and wanting to go to San Diego. J&E know that if they head west and keep a reasonable speed they will arrive in San Diego. They never get to the halfway point which is Yuma, AZ and get so unhappy about not being in San Diego that they get discouraged and turn around and go back to Phoenix.

Having a body that is sick. You are starting to find some hope and optimism and are moving well along the way to a full recovery but because the manifestation is not yet evident and is not yet showing up on the doctors scans and tests you assume that you are not on your way to recovery, you freak out about the test results and you head back to Phoenix.

Struggling with not having enough money. You find a vibration out of sheer willpower or desire and are doing a good job of lining up with it and your financial situation starts turning around. But then something happens to cause you to look abruptly at what is and you find yourself focusing on the lack or the opposite of what you want. The disappointment, anger and worry you feel is your indication that you have lost your vibrational bead on your vibrational frequency and now you've turned around and are headed back to Phoenix.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

My DVD Workshop Notes from the 2005 Abraham Alaskan Well-Being Cruise - Part 1

The 2005 Abraham Alaskan Well-Being Cruise DVD is one of my favorites. I have practically worn the DVD out. I was watching it last night and had the idea to share my notes as part of my blog posts. I was also thinking it would be a good focus project for me to keep me on track with my intentions. My notes are pretty extensive so I will be posting the notes in sections instead of doing them at one time. Here is Part 1.

Contrast or variety exists to help you conclude personal preferences or as Abraham calls them rockets of desire. As a rocket of desire vibrationally radiates from you it is answered immediately but you don't always know that because you've forgotten that you are a vibrational being.

You are here in this time-space reality with all of this great manifestational stuff around and you have gotten so good at interpreting what is around you through your physical sensors - you translate vibration and that's how you see, hear, smell, taste, etc. - that you've forgotten it's a vibrational world.

When you see something that you want and you say yes to it, it is included in your vibration. When you see something you don't want and you say no to it, it is included in your vibration. So, without knowing it you are including many things, wanted and unwanted, in your vibration. Because you don't remember that you are a vibrational being, you end up not tending to your vibration and then must deal with things once they have manifested. When you wait until something has manifested it's easy to get in the habit of observing what is and when you get in the habit of observing what is, it becomes easy to perpetuate what is. If you want what is to change you have to start offering a different vibration and you do this by deliberately projecting your thought.

It doesn't matter if you are thinking about something in the past, present or future or what you are observing, pondering, musing, imagining, or wondering. Whatever you are focused on is activating a thought vibration within you that Law of Attraction is matching. It's the way the entire Universe is established. You don't have to work at it or learn how to do it. It just happens.

Your personal preferences or rockets of desire shoot into what Abraham calls your vibrational escrow. Your vibrational escrow is where your desires are being held for you while waiting for you to become in vibrational alignment with them.

The moment your personal preference is born Source Energy (God) agrees with that preference. Even if you don't speak words about it a vibration emanates from you and Source immediately becomes one with that vibration. Now there is a strong current or signal pulsating within you.

Abraham starts talking about Jerry & Esther's navigational system called Magellan. Magellan has only one function and that is to determine the route between where J & E are and where they want to be. It gives turn by turn descriptions both verbally and visually. It is not relevant where they have been. Your Emotional Guidance System works exactly the same way.

There is a constant steady projection of your intention that is born from your everyday experience and Source is saying, yes we agree, yes we agree...and that agreement means all the resources of the Universe are put toward your achievement of whatever you have set into motion. If this time-space reality has the ability to inspire that preference within you then this time-space reality has the ability to deliver it. You have so many magnificent creations awaiting your alignment.

This alignment is called the Art of Allowing and it is about bringing yourself into vibrational alignment with what you've projected and Source Energy is agreeing with that is in your vibrational escrow. The better you feel the more in vibrational alignment with it you are and the worse you feel the more out of alignment with it you are.

Many of you aren't that interested or don't really care about the way you feel but the way you feel is your indication of your alignment with what you have been saying you want.

Abraham now gives an example of being out of alignment with your desire. You open your American Express bill and are overwhelmed at the amount of money that is due. You know you don't have enough money to pay the bill. At that moment you launch a rocket of desire that says I'd really like to have a significant amount of extra money coming in and Source agrees and says we agree it's on the way. But then you say I don't have enough money. What was I thinking when I spent this money. Look at them they've got more money than they need. I don't know why I don't do better financially. As you worry and complain about not having enough money, you hold yourself out of alignment with what you just asked for which was a significant amount of extra money coming in. When you beat the drum of where you are in relationship to money you hold yourself apart from the money that's accumulating for you but is being massaged and aligned with circumstances and events that accommodate you with a wonderful unfolding.

More notes tomorrow.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Dealing With Resistance

I realized yesterday that I am still dealing with some resistant thoughts concerning my finances. I was still feeling a bit tired this morning so I asked myself what I was worried about or afraid of and then I wrote down everything that came to mind (it's important not to hold anything back when you do this). Allow whatever you are feeling to come through.

I find it helpful when I'm dealing with resistance to write down everything that worries, angers, or frustrates me about the situation. Just writing it out releases something within me and I always feel better as soon as I do it. I find that what comes out is always right on target for what's causing the resistance.

There were three things that immediately came to mind. I won't go into everything but for sharing purposes I will reveal the first thing I wrote down.

I won't have enough money to cover everything that is due.

I asked myself is this was true. Initially, I tried to justify why it was true but it really wasn't because not all the payments are due yet. How do I know I won't have enough money when the time comes. I was pre-paving a negative outcome and I didn't even realize it. You see, I won't have enough money to cover everything that is due is a thought I'm very familiar with. I've been thinking it for a long time and it has been my experience for a long time. Without realizing it I was allowing this familiar thought to influence my vibration like it always has but things are different now.

I'm creating a new experience with money and that thought is one I don't want to take into my new experience. I never noticed it much before because thoughts of lack were so familiar and never having enough money was part of my everyday life. But things are shifting in my finances (for the positive) and that thought is no longer a familiar vibration that goes unnoticed. The negative emotion and doubt I was experiencing was telling me that I was thinking a thought that wasn't in alignment with my intention and it manifested in my physical experience as being physically tired.

Once I was aware of the resistant thought it was easy to change it. I knew that it didn't feel good to think it and it was causing me a lot of stress. So even if the thought was true that I wouldn't have the money needed to pay what was due, just the fact that it was causing me stress is reason enough to stop thinking it and instead reach for a thought that feels better. After all, we get what we think about and continuing to think lackful thoughts brings more lackful situations.

I started to think thoughts on purpose that brought me a feeling of relief; feeling relief is the key. You can't just say some positive words and expect things to get better. You can't fake it with the Universe and you can't fake the vibration you are sending out. Reach for any thought that brings you a feeling of relief and you'll be feeling better before you know it. That's what I did and before I knew it I was feeling 100% better and the tired feeling was gone.

What I find interesting about this experience is that previously I would have dismissed the tired feeling as the result of allergies, staying up too late, fighting off a cold, etc. I would have made a justification of it instead of seeing it as an indication of resistance. Once I was aware that it was resistance and investigated the thought behind it both the lackful thought and the tiredness went away.

I feel great!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Abraham Hicks Quote for 5/19/09

Rest seems like a nice contrast to overwhelment, but enthusiasm is always chosen over rest. The only thing that ever makes you tired or bogs you down is resistance.
--- Abraham
Excerpted from the workshop in Lincroft, NJ on Tuesday, October 15th, 1996

I mentioned in a previous blog post that I love to take these daily Abraham quotes and use them as personal guidance for the day. I find it's a very good way for me to stay focused on my intentions and it also keeps me in a good feeling place even when I'm poking around in areas where I'm resistant or focused on lack. Today's quote made me think about where I'm resistant in changing my thoughts.

Lately, I have been very focused on changing my thought patterns around money and I'm seeing some pretty significant changes in my finances (all positive). I've been very enthusiastic about making these changes but noticed that over the last few days I've been feeling tired. I didn't think too much about it because the tiredness was not that bad but when I got this quote it made me take another look at the situation.

Because I have been practically laser focused on improving my experience with money, I've also been very conscious of how I'm feeling because your feelings represent what vibration your putting out to the Universe and I want to be deliberate about the vibration I'm sending out. I've been feeling really good about the changes that are happening in my life but after reading this quote I also realized that because I've been consistently at a higher place on the emotional scale (optimism and positive expectation) I am more sensitive to some lower vibrational thoughts I've had over the last few days (doubt and negative expectation). Although they are not dominant thoughts by any means these lower vibrational thoughts are revealing some areas of resistance I still need to work through.

I love that through this quote I was able to see what was happening. Even though the tiredness I was experiencing was mild I was able to see that I still had some resistant thoughts hanging around and was able to redirect before an unwanted manifestation occurred.