Friday, November 23, 2007

Feeling = Attracting

I have been writing in my journal for most of the day today but suddenly I felt the need to write this blog post on the importance of feelings and what it means to flow downstream.

It’s so important to reach for thoughts that feel good or help us feel better because our feelings equal our point of attraction. In other words what we are feeling is also what we are attracting. Choosing thoughts that feel better/provide relief cause us to flow downstream toward the fulfillment of our desires. By thinking thoughts that cause us to feel worse, we turn and head upstream away from the fulfillment of our desires. The stream I’m referring to is the Stream of Life.

Here are some excerpts from “The Astonishing Power of Emotions” by Jerry & Esther Hicks explaining the upstream/downstream analogy.

“The Stream of Life was in motion before you came forth into your body.”

From your Non-Physical perspective you added to the current (momentum) of the Stream of Life as you set forth you intentions to be here on this planet in this body.

While in your body, you continue to add to the current of the Stream of Life by deciding what you don’t want; this then produces the natural asking for what you do want.

With every asking you add to the speed of the current (momentum) of the Stream of Life.

“Whenever your life causes you to ask for something beyond what you are living – the Non-Physical part of you rides that rocket of desire and becomes the vibrational fulfillment of your request.

“The Stream of Life will carry you downstream to the fulfillment of everything your life has caused you to create – it’s all there waiting for you to flow to it.

The Non-Physical part of you (your Inner Being) has already become the vibrational equivalent of what you are asking for.

“The Current is the momentum that is caused by the Law of Attraction’s response to the vibration of your Inner Being.”

Allow yourself to be the You that life has caused you to become. (What your Inner Being has become).

The emotions you feel are indicators of the vibrational relationship between you and your Inner Being or Non-Physical part of you.

Feeling good takes you downstream and feeling bad takes you upstream.

Go with the flow and allow the Current to carry you forward to all that you desire.

“You can tell, thought by thought, if you are pointed upstream or downstream; and whether you are closing the gap between you and You or if you are holding yourself unnaturally apart.”

I have listed some Abraham Hicks processes I use for getting to a better feeling place. These processes include Moving Up the Emotional Scale, Which Thought Feels Better and Finding the Feeling Place.

The Emotional Scale from Abraham Hicks
Positive Expectation/Belief

My thoughts and experiences on using the Emotional Scale
I use this scale only as a guide. I don’t work up the scale emotion by emotion but if you do and it helps you then by all means keep doing it. I find that I can easily get to hopefulness just by asking if I believe the situation can improve. Not will it improve but is it possible that it can improve.

Since I believe that anything is possible this provides an easy way for me to move to the better feeling place of hopefulness. And from a feeling of hopefulness the situation is bound to improve since the Law of Attraction must match my feeling of hopefulness with things that give me hope.

Which Thought Feels Better?
I love to feel good, it’s important to me that I feel good and I’m very sensitive to when I don’t feel good so I’m always reaching for a better feeling thought which also naturally moves me up the Emotional Scale. When we feel better, circumstances around us change to match our new emotional set point. It also provides an indication that we are heading towards the manifestation of our desires.

Finding the Feeling Place
This process is fun. I like to use it because the Universe doesn’t know if we are currently experiencing our desires or if we are just thinking about them; it just matches what we are feeling. I can mentally and emotionally experience the highest and best life I can imagine.

And when I experience the feeling, whether real or imagined, the manifestation is sure to follow.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Going Upstream or Flowing Downstream

I have received several requests to elaborate on the upstream / downstream analogy. As I began writing this post it occurred to me that several months back I had linked a video of Abraham explaining this very concept. Please check out the link and let me know your thoughts.

Here it is

I found this video to be incredibly helpful in gaining a deeper understanding between an upstream thought and a downstream thought. Simply put, an upstream thought doesn't feel very good and a downstream thought feels better and provides relief.

I noticed that I began making different choices after I was introduced to this whole upstream / downstream concept. I started to pay attention to whether or not I felt like I was heading upstream or downstream and based any decision I made on my desire to keep flowing downstream - feeling good, flowing towards my desires, feeling relief, etc. I must say this has made a huge difference in what I'm now experiencing in my life. My experiences now are more in alignment with my desires in life.

Sometimes the feeling is all you have to go on but in my experience the feeling tells me everything I need to know about whether I'm moving in the direction of my desires (downstream - feels good) or moving away from my desires (upstream - feels bad).