Thursday, November 8, 2007

Going Upstream or Flowing Downstream

I have received several requests to elaborate on the upstream / downstream analogy. As I began writing this post it occurred to me that several months back I had linked a video of Abraham explaining this very concept. Please check out the link and let me know your thoughts.

Here it is

I found this video to be incredibly helpful in gaining a deeper understanding between an upstream thought and a downstream thought. Simply put, an upstream thought doesn't feel very good and a downstream thought feels better and provides relief.

I noticed that I began making different choices after I was introduced to this whole upstream / downstream concept. I started to pay attention to whether or not I felt like I was heading upstream or downstream and based any decision I made on my desire to keep flowing downstream - feeling good, flowing towards my desires, feeling relief, etc. I must say this has made a huge difference in what I'm now experiencing in my life. My experiences now are more in alignment with my desires in life.

Sometimes the feeling is all you have to go on but in my experience the feeling tells me everything I need to know about whether I'm moving in the direction of my desires (downstream - feels good) or moving away from my desires (upstream - feels bad).

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Frank Butterfield said...

Thanks Lori! Please keep writing on this subject as I think it can't be emphasized enough... You definitely walk this talk and have been a constant source of inspiration for me.