Monday, March 2, 2009

Tips For Staying In A Good Feeling Place

We are manifesting the essence of what we are thinking about. If we want to be joyful, deliberate creators then we must pay attention to how our thoughts feel when we think them. The more aware we are of how the thought feels the more deliberate we can be in choosing a better feeling thought.

We know in the moment whether a thought feels good or bad. Simply put when we feel good we are headed towards our desired manifestations and when we feel bad we are headed away from them. That’s why Abraham is always talking about the importance of feeling good.

I would like to share some of the processes I use for staying in a good feeling place and aligned with my desires.

Morning Alignment suggestions from Abraham
Lie there and bask for a few moments in the comfort of your bed. See if you have any dream recall. Dream recall is our physical translation of blocks of the Non-Physical thought we interacted with in the dream state. Abraham says that when we sleep we reemerge back into the Energy of Non-Physical and we have conversations (not in words but in vibration) as we wake up we translate that block of thought into its physical equivalent. Make note of any dream recall you have since our dreams give insight into our current vibrational state.

What am I going to create today?
When I ask myself this question it reminds me that we are always creating. We can create deliberately or by default – the choice is up to us. I like the idea of consciously creating my day – a beautiful and comforting home environment, loving and empowering relationships, a job that I adore, more prosperity, etc. Be a deliberate creator.

Read an inspiring quote and take the message personally
I signed up to receive the daily quote from Abraham. I read it first thing when I get to work. I think of it as specific guidance for me; thinking of it this way helps me to take the message to heart and find ways to put it into practice in my life. It also helps give me something positive to focus on through out the day.

Spend a few minutes every day in meditation. I started with just five minutes a day and found that it felt so good that I wanted to keep going. I don’t put a lot of rules or restrictions on myself. I just sit quiet and gently release any thoughts that come up. I like to breathe as deeply as I can during this process. It feels really good to do it. I noticed that things were able to manifest more easily when I added meditation into my daily practice.

Don’t argue with what is currently in your life experience
See your life experience as a perfect vibrational match to your thoughts. Make adjustments to your thoughts as needed.

Focus on what you want to experience
Throughout the day, offer the thought that you are going to look for reasons to feel good and then spend a few minutes looking for the positive aspects of your surroundings and/or your situation. Look for reasons to laugh and have fun. If you start to feel negative emotion, stop and acknowledge that you want to feel good. Remember that feeling negative emotion isn’t bad; it’s only an indication that you are focused on something that you don’t want. When you know what you don’t want you can pivot to what you do want. Turn your attention to what you want and keep focused on those good feeling thoughts.

Evening Alignment suggestions from Abraham
Think about the best parts of your day. As you lie in your bed say to yourself – “I’m going to sleep now and while I’m sleeping, because my thoughts will be inactive, attraction will stop and my physical body will be completely refreshed at every level.” Turn your attention to the immediate things around you. Focus on the good feeling things – the comfort of your bed, the warmth of the covers, etc. Gently set forth the intention to sleep well and awaken refreshed with a good feeling, positive point of attraction.

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