Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Regarding Work

I've been reading "Poise and Power" by Christian D. Larson and I thought I would share some excellent suggestions he has for approaching our work. I hope you find them as inspirational as I do.

  1. Go to work with the idea that you are to spend a whole day directing energy into constructive channels and that you are to pass through a series of exercises that will develop your entire personality.
  2. Work because you desire to exercise muscles and brains in such a way that you may daily grow and develop into a stronger person, a more competent person, a greater person.
  3. Look upon all work as a constructive process in yourself and use all work for building up mind and body. You will make a good living now, and you will make yourself a better and better living every year. At the same time you will be making for yourself a better life.
  4. Think of growth while you work; feel the expansive process of development all through your system whenever you move a muscle or think a thought.
  5. Work in the spirit of joy, and know that every action is a stepping-stone to greater advancement.
  6. Work in the realization of the great fact that the more you produce in the world, the more power, life, ability and capacity you produce in yourself and that the greater things that you construct, the greater you, yourself become.

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