Saturday, November 14, 2009

Notes from the Law of Attraction in Action Workshop Series - Episode VI - Part 1

Are you enjoying the expansion of your desire? Until you can say yes to that question and really mean it you can't have a joyful experience because you will always be expanding. There will always be a vibrational gap.

Associate yourself more with vibration than your flesh, bone and blood experience.

Feeling good, feeling relief closes the vibrational gap. Listen and feel for the vibrational message that is always within you.

"Before you came forth into this physical body you were Source Energy non-physically focused. You made a decision to project a part of that consciousness into a leading edge human form. So part of the consciousness was projected into you and the larger part of it remains non-physically focused. So here you are, the aspect of you that you know as your personality and you are banging around in the contrast just like you knew you would.

When life helps you to know that you don't like people to be rude to you, you ask for nicer people. When you are rude, you ask for yourself to be nicer. When you are sick, you ask for wellness. When you don't have enough money you ask for more money. When you don't have shelter or food, you want shelter and food. In other words, all day every day you, at every level of your being, are exploring the variety of this leading edge environment and giving birth to the expanded, improved version. This Source Energy part of you who remained non-physically focused followed your experience and literally rode your rocket of desire. So you could say accurately, the Source Energy part of you came with you into the physical, was with you as you experienced contrast and extrapolated from the contrast what you preferred and followed that train of thought.

When you ask, Source Energy answers immediately and the non-physical part of you becomes the vibrational essence of whatever you've asked for. Life shows you a problem and you ask for a solution and the Source Energy part of you rides that rocket of desire and becomes the solution. When you have a question you ask for the answer. When you have sickness you ask for wellness. When you have a lack of abundance you ask for abundance. Source Energy becomes the vibrational essence of that which you've asked for.

If you are not living your desires it's because you are not staying up to speed with what you are asking for. The larger part of you is already living it. If you are not up to speed with what you are asking for you have emotion within you telling you that you are not up to speed.

Negative emotion means there is something that life has caused you to become that the larger part of you has become the vibrational equivalent of. You are beating the drum of the absence of what you want and are literally introducing enough resistance into your vibration that you are keeping a vibrational gap between who you are being right now and who life has caused you to become.
Negative emotion always means a vibrational resistance caused by something you are thinking. And then you deliberately reach for better feeling thoughts which lessen the resistance and closes the gap between who you are allowing yourself to be and who you really are. When you do this then you are the deliberate creator of your own experience and are fulfilling your life in the way you intended.

You said, I will take this clear minded worthy being that is me and will project myself into an environment where I will be inspired to my personal expansion and I will discover my personal expansion as I live my life. You intended to be joyful and you intended it so powerfully that you were born with a guidance system that lets you know in the moment if you are aligned with who you really are or not aligned with who you really are."

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