Friday, May 25, 2007

Uncovering Belief Systems

I've been thinking a lot lately about beliefs. For several days now I've been noticing the comments people have been making around me; comments like "No matter what I do I just can't get ahead" or "This is the way its always been and I don't see it getting any better", or "I always attract the same kind of person". I was intrigued by these comments for a couple of reasons.

First, I believe that people mirror our own thoughts back to us and if I'm noticing these comments in others then there must be something in my own thought system that mirrors it. Second, it made me question whether that was my real belief or not and third, it made me wonder why we would choose to hold on to beliefs that no longer serve us. I decided to do some investigating into my own belief system and was surprised by what I uncovered.

I found that I have many, many things that I desire to be and experience in my life but I hold beliefs that don't match my desires. In the areas where my desires and beliefs match my life runs smoothly and I have no trouble manifesting what I desire. For example, I have exactly the kind of love relationship that I want. I've never had any doubt that I could have it and that has been my experience. I'm content, happy and loved and I have no resistance in that particular area of my life. I also noticed that I have more clarity and feeling about what I want and expect in my love life. My belief is that I can have any kind of relationship I desire and that belief is what manifests in my life.

I realized that the areas in my life where I was experiencing difficulty and resistance was where I had split energy toward my desire. I was clear about what I wanted but my thoughts were focused on what I didn't want and my experience was that I ended up with exactly what I didn't want. For instance, when I looked at my belief about money it did not match my desire for it. My desire is to have an abundance of money to live comfortably and to do the all the things I enjoy like traveling, decorating, photography, etc. But my belief is that money is limited and that I barely have enough to pay my bills. And guess what, that's exactly my experience or shall I say was my experience.

If we are free to think any thought we want and a belief is just a thought we keep thinking then why not build a belief system that is in alignment with our desires and purpose for our life. The knowledge that our beliefs determine our experience opens a whole new, wonderful world to explore.

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