Monday, May 28, 2007

Which Letter Feels Better

I was sorting through my mail this weekend and received two donation letters. Both letters had to do with poverty and world hunger. One letter had a picture of a crying, hungry African baby on it and the other letter had a montage of women smiling, working and caring for their babies. Both letters were dealing with the same issue but one was coming from a place of trust and empowerment and the other of lack and helplessness.

I glanced at the letter with the crying African baby on it and felt a feeling of hopelessness. It's the same kind of letter I've received over the last twenty-five years or so. Crying, hungry babies and their families. Why hasn't anything changed? I've donated to this organization over the years but nothing seems to have really changed or improved. When I looked at the other letter I felt optimistic and excited about helping them. The pictures and the letter itself was uplifting and encouraging. I felt that by contributing I would be doing something to empower these people; assisting in a project that was helping them become self-sufficient and more in charge of their lives and that felt good.

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