Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Abraham San Antonio Workshop Notes - Part 2

By focusing on what's wrong, you keep yourself apart from what's right.

Diagnosis is a manifestational indicator of your vibration.

Negative emotion will continue to get bigger the more it goes unnoticed by you.

Are you beating the drum of wellness or disease?

What's in your bank account is an indication of your vibration around money.

If you let what is set the tone for your vibration your life will stay the same.

You don't need to control conditions to come into alignment.

We've been teaching our children to look outside themselves for approval.

The difference between feeling pain & feeling fearful about it and feeling pain & feeling hopeful about it is the difference between getting well or not.

Be pioneers of powerful deliberate creation. Non-conformists come forth to teach unconditional love and alignment. Here I am take it or leave it, I am as I am and that's my gift to you.

To create anything 1). Ask 2). Source answers 3). Come into vibrational alignment with your desires. You do this through reaching for better feeling thoughts.

Put distance between the question time and allowing.

Don't try to make it happen, let it happen.

True power comes from alignment with energy.

You close the vibrational gap between where you currently are and where you want to be by reaching for the best feeling thought between where you are and what you desire.

Patience isn't necessary when you learn alignment.

Choose a downstream feeling. A downstream feeling feels good.

Trying to make things happen has struggle within it.

Reach for the feeling of what you want.

Pay attention to whether you're feeling an upstream or downstream thought.

If you want your situation to change you must offer a vibration different than what is.

A joyful image brings a downstream thought.

Do you expect it to happen?

Allow your desires to come forth in the best way possible.

Impatience is upstream.

When you have a vivid dream it is an indication that your vibrational alignment is complete and you're experiencing it in the dream state.

Visualization helps turn you downstream. Trying turns you upstream because there's effort in it.

On relationships, you want to attract someone who is a vibrational match to what's in your vibrational escrow which means you need to be a match to your own vibrational aspects. Look for positive aspects, be appreciative of where you are, focus on the best in the other person.

Find a way to be happy on your way to where you want to be.

Be as specific as you can be on your desires and still feel good.

You can't ask for too much but you can worry yourself out of alignment.

Have knowing about receiving your desires. Remind yourself that it is already done, it's already been completed and is on its way to you.

Having doubt can keep your desire away forever.

Asking "Is my desire close?" is laced with doubt. Find a way to keep your thoughts about it going downstream. Passion, enthusiasm and exhilaration equal vibrational proximity.

Don't let the short-sidedness of others affect your life.

This is an expanding world.

Listen for the call of Source and move toward it.

Don't replace your child's guidance with your own. Your children has an Inner Being that guides them. Help them pay attention to their inner guidance.

Words don't teach but life experience does.

Show your child how to connect with their own guidance by your own example. Teach with the clarity of your own example.

It's your job to feel good.

Make a big deal over your child's alignment with Source Energy.

Don't let other people or things keep you from being who you are - an appreciator.

You're supposed to feel good! Everything in the Universe is working on your behalf.

Jealousy happens when you witness what you want from a place of lack and vibrational mis-alignment.

When someone is angry at you or mistreating you they deserve your help as much as finding someone on the street that is hurt and bleeding.

It's never about the other person.

Think only about what you want. Don't explain how things are. Praise and appreciate. Tell the story the way you want. Speak about what you want and why you want it. Get to the essence of what you want.

Pat attention to your indicators of vibrational alignment.

Pick the best parts of your reality. Pick the memories, thoughts, experiences that evoke good feeling thoughts.

Go happily toward what you want. The joy is the journey.

There is no such thing as incurable.

Don't turn out your light to please another. Don't join others in their disconnection.

Other people need to shine their own light.

My happiness is my own responsibility.

Increase your feelings of empowerment.

Trust in your Well-Being.

Be determined to feel better in each thought you think.

Faith is holding the tone when evidence hasn't yet shown up. It is the ability to hold an idea even without physical evidence.

Positive emotion indicates knowing.

Think thoughts on purpose, pay attention to how you feel and then watch what happens.

Children aren't born to think the same thoughts as their parents. They aren't born to follow in your footsteps. You're never going to get your kids to experience the world through your eyes because they were born in a different time than you.

Diversity in thought is a good thing because it brings more expansion in the world.

Be happy. See the world through the eyes of Source Energy.

Children are little beacons of pure, positive energy.

Be real in your connection and real in your disconnection. Say to your kids - I'm not feeling good and I know it's because I've been thinking thoughts that don't feel good. I know that I'm responsible for feeling good so I'm going to go spend some time thinking good thoughts and getting my connection back.

Intuitively feel the flow of energy in your life.

Law of Attraction will not let your desires come to you if you're not a vibrational match to it.

Don't lower your vibration to help others.

You can't want anything that the Universe can't deliver to you.

Sameness is not normal. We are constantly expanding and the Universe expands with us.

Don't try to be perfect in all of this - be flexible and real and aware of what you feel. Lean downstream as much as you can.

Come into alignment with freedom, abundance, prosperity and comfort.

Allow others to be playful components to your life experience.

Focus on how life is responding to you.

Don't guide your behavior by anyone else's standards.


Pam Garcy, Ph.D. said...

Thank you for sharing your notes. I especially liked the idea that you can't want anything that the universe cannot deliver to you. This is a very empowering thought. I would also like you to elaborate on what is meant by an upstream and downstream thought, although I think I might be able to guess at it.

I would like you to know that I've just written a book on Inner Guidance, which I see your blog also addresses. It just came out on and It is called The Power of Inner Guidance: Seven Steps to Tune In and Turn On. Jack Canfield endorsed it. Interestingly, he also mentioned the work that you are reviewing in your blog at a recent workshop.

Let's all share ideas about this important topic!

Pam Garcy, Ph.D.

Maddy said...

Hi Pam,

I'm glad to share my notes. The teachings of Abraham have brought such clarity and joy to my life and I'm happy to help spread their message.

I checked out your website. Your book looks very interesting and something I definitely would like to know more about. I am linking it on my blog.

fyi - I am writing a post to explain what is meant by an upstream/downstream thought.