Saturday, October 20, 2007

How to Raise Your Money Vibe

Today, I had a very, very brief experience with some feelings of scarcity. This little encounter didn’t last very long thanks to some quick thinking on my part. As soon as the feelings started to surface I knew something was wrong and I used some of the tools and processes I've learned over the years to help change my money vibe. I’ve listed a few of my favorites below, all of them tried and tested by yours truly.

1. Go within and ask for insight
Close your eyes and go within. Ask to be given a visual representation of your current way of thinking about the situation and then to be given a new focus. If you ask you will be shown. Be open and pay attention and don’t disregard what comes to you. I get amazing insights when I do this. I’ve linked one of my experiences with this process if you would like more detail.

2. What for?
Think about why you want the money. If you have a dollar amount in mind, start thinking about what you will be doing with the money. Get as detailed as you need to be in order to get to the feeling place of experiencing what the money is flowing to.

3. Distraction
Do something you enjoy - take a nap, watch a funny movie, read, write in your journal, listen to your favorite music, etc. Get your mind off your current difficulty. As soon as you can get your mind off the problem the situation will begin to turn around.

4. Make a list (11 Things)
Make a list of at least 11 things that are going well in your life. You’ll find there are more things going right than going wrong. It’s easy to lose sight of this fact when you’re experiencing difficulties and that’s why this list is so helpful. The last time I made this list I was feeling better by 3 and forgot the problem by 11. Take some time and really appreciate all the wonderful things in your life.

Why 11 things? Well, I love the number 11 so I like using that number. Feel free to change it if you want. The point is to get you feeling good and focused on what’s working because we always get more of what we focus on. Thinking about lack brings more lack. Thinking about abundance and what’s working in your life brings more of the same. The choice is up to you.

5. Count the ways
Think about all the ways the money can come to you and/or the situation can remedy itself. Do this as long as you can stay in a good feeling place. Remember, when your current difficulty came forth so did the solution. Allow the Universe to reveal the solution to you. It can bring the perfect people, the perfect dollar amount, the perfect situation, etc., to turn your situation around. It’s your thinking that limits you not the Universe.

6. Play the penny game
I recently started doing this and it has brought some incredible results plus it’s just fun to do. Playing the game instantly raises my money vibe.

In the past when I would find a penny I would say to myself thank you Universe for this symbol of my abundance and I meant it but it got me thinking. If the penny is a symbol of abundance than why couldn’t the penny symbolize say $100? A couple of days ago I found two pennies in one day. Each time I found one I said to myself thank you for this symbol of my abundance and I thought WOW I’m getting $100!

I went home and put both pennies in a wine glass and put it on my windowsill in my kitchen. It provided such a wonderful visual representation of the $200 that I knew was coming to me plus when the money came I would use the wine glass to toast its arrival. Well when I was sorting through my mail today guess what? I received notification of a payment being sent to me in the amount of $250 and I found another penny.

7. Trust
When you start to feel better, when you feel relief – trust that feeling even if everything around you looks like it's falling apart. That feeling of relief is letting you know that things are turning around. The situation is getting better even if, for the moment, you can't yet see it. Start trusting those good feeling vibes.

Since the Universe matches our feelings, it doesn’t know the difference between actually living an experience and just imagining it so why not have some fun and imagine it the way you want it to be.


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Albert | UrbanMonk.Net said...

Thanks for this, I've been really looking for info on the money mindset beyond the standard "feel like you're rich" stuff, which I'm not really feeling! Maybe I'm just not doing it right.

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Well written article.