Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Moving Up The Emotional Scale

A few days ago I had one of those days. I felt blah - not really sick but not really well, not really happy but not really sad, just...well...blah.

I woke up feeling tired. I had worked out in my yard the day before and then woke up the next morning with allergies and then I felt irritated at my body for even having allergies. I needed to wash my hair but I didn't feel like it. The clothes I wanted to wear were not clean so I wore something that I didn't feel like wearing. I had trouble concentrating at work. I kept thinking how much I wanted to be back home wrapped up in my comforter laying on the couch watching my That Girl DVDs.

I got out my notebook to do some writing in order to get clear about what I wanted. I thought about the teachings of Abraham-Hicks and about moving up the emotional scale; I definitely wanted to feel better. I appreciated the things that were in my life and all the things I had to be happy about. I focused on what I wanted and how I wanted to feel. And you know what? I still felt like crap.

Well crap may be a bit of an exaggeration. I did get some momentary relief and felt a tiny vibrational shift. I knew I was moving up the scale to a better feeling place but I didn't like where I was, even with the shift I had just experienced. It still didn't feel good and I wanted to feel better.

Usually doing the processes I just mentioned will immediately give me relief and keep me feeling good, focused, happy and excited about all the wonderful experiences that are on their way. So, why wasn't I feeling better?

Now, for someone like me who is by nature a very happy, positive and upbeat person, feeling blah and crappy is very uncomfortable; it's not in alignment with who I am and therefore it does not feel good. I know that how we feel equals what we attract so I care very much about how I feel and I understand the importance of staying in a good feeling place. Also, it just feels good to feel good.

My friend Frank called to see if I was free for lunch. Given my mood at the time, I hesitated accepting his invitation because I didn't want to blob my negativity on him but something told me to say yes. I met him for lunch and was still in my funk. I didn't want to talk much because I was hoping my mood would pass but I felt the need to mention my situation. After a short chat with him about how I was feeling I felt much better. What changed? I became willing to embrace my blah, crappy feeling and it kind of felt good to do so.

Frank reminded me to embrace how I was feeling instead of fighting it. I think I was trying so hard to feel better that it was actually making me feel worse that I wasn't feeling better. I went back to work and decided that I would just embrace the way I was feeling and that it would be just fine for me to do so. I noticed that I didn't feel better immediately but my vibration shifted slowly throughout the day and when it was time to go home I was in a completely different place emotionally and I was feeling so much better.

I realized that I was having trouble moving up the emotional scale because I was reaching for thoughts that were too far out of my vibrational range. Embracing how I felt allowed me to release resistance to feeling bad and when I did I was able to start moving up the scale one better feeling thought at a time.

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