Monday, June 25, 2007

Ask and It Really Is Given

Over the past two weeks I have received several requests to begin exploring the Law of Attraction in more detail; specifically as it relates to the following issues:

1. What role does the Law of Attraction have in the creation of the Universe?
2. Where is God in the Law of Attraction?
3. Do we really create our own reality?

Yes I know these are some very big, complex issues to explore but what better place to do it than on a Law of Attraction blog! Actually, researching and contemplating these issues has proven to be quite fascinating.

I started a post on the Law of Attraction and the creation of the Universe but I was having trouble getting it down on paper. Trying to explain the scientific details and still make it easy and interesting to read was proving difficult. I was beginning to feel frustrated because I could not get my thoughts down on paper the way I wanted. I realized that my frustration was alerting me to the fact that I was headed upstream and that there was an easier way to get this discussion started.

I asked the Universe to lead me to the perfect resources to help explain the scientific concepts and begin our exploration. Well, ask and it is given. Shortly after asking for help I was given a link to two movies that deal with the very issues that I was attempting to write about. I decided to take the downstream approach and allow the movies to explain the concepts and then I will explore in greater detail. This is just an overview but I think you will find both movies very enlightening.

The first movie is called The Unity of Spirit and Matter and is 29 minutes long. It deals with questions such as:

• How did the physical world come into existence
• How did the first something get created
• What is consciousness
• How did the creative process begin
• Incarnation and the Law of Attraction
• Spiritual awakening

The second movie is called The Law of Attraction Explained and is 17 minutes long. I think the title is pretty self explanatory.

I’m really excited about exploring these issues in greater detail. I would love to hear your thoughts, comments and/or questions.


JJ said...

I really liked the movies. Thanks for linking them. It's alot of info to take in especially for us newbies. Thanks for exploring this in more detail. Now I can also say - ask and it is given.

Maddy said...

@jj - I know it's a lot to take in. I have so many questions about it too. It's been fun to take some time and really contemplate the things the movies addressed. I'm learning a lot through this process!

Anonymous said...

JJ & Maddy,

I'm new to all of this but something in the LoA teachings really resonates with me. Any suggestions for getting more info?


jj said...


Abraham Hicks is a good place to start. I'm currently reading Ask & It Is Given. It's really good!

Maddy said...


I would also highly recommend Abraham Hicks, they have been a big LoA teacher for me. Some other good resources are Michael Losier, and Wayne Dyer.