Monday, June 11, 2007

High Vibes

OK, this is cool. Cardin from Optimist Lab has invited me to play the High Vibes Game. You play by sharing some of the ways you raise your vibration plus you tag five posts from your favorite bloggers at a site called High Vibe It. It sounded fun so of course I wanted to play. I have so many ways to raise my vibration but I'm going to mention five ways that came into play for me this past weekend. Three of my nephews ages 4 to 11 were spending part of the weekend with me when I was tagged to play, so my high vibes have a lot to do with my interaction with them. Here are my five ways:

1. Sort out
I love a good sort out-throwing things away, shredding documents, giving things to charity; it really does something for me. I find my need to have a sort out usually coincides with something that is ending in my life. In fact, I get kind of jazzed when I feel the need for one because I know it means something new is coming in. Getting rid of the old symbolizes making room for the new in my life.

2. Coloring
I've always loved coloring, especially as a child. I don't do it a lot as an adult which is kind of surprising because I'm really artistic. This weekend I was reminded of the joys of coloring by my 11 year of nephew, who has Down Syndrome and is one of the most connected people I know. He was coloring at the dining room table and wanted me to come join him but I was busy cleaning. He asked several times for me to color with him but I kept saying no, that I needed to clean the kitchen and he kept asking “Why?” He really seemed puzzled by my choice to clean rather than color. When I finally asked why he wanted me to do it right that minute he said with great excitement “Cause it’s fun!” That simple but profound statement made me laugh out loud because it was so true. I put down my sponge and promptly joined him at the table. We spent the next half hour coloring. His picture is proudly displayed on my refrigerator as well as my own; each one a simple reminder to take time to do things simply for the fun of it.

3. Make Believe
We're never to old for make believe but sometimes as we get older it's easy to get caught up being an "adult". I was fortunate to spend time this weekend with children who practice make believe on a daily basis. My 9 year old nephew wanted to play store. He is quite a businessman let me tell you. He spent a good deal of time going around the house picking out items for his store. He waited for me to finish up what I was doing and then asked me to come in and do some shopping. He had transformed the guest bedroom into his Toy’s R’ Me & You store. Everything was set out very nicely for me to look at and he was quick to let me know the selling points of each item. Prices ranged from $500 to $1 billion dollars with most items having a $1 million dollar price tag. When I balked at the prices he said, “Don’t worry, you can afford it. Just pretend. You can cut up pieces of paper and write the amount on it.” I was blown away by what that little encounter revealed to me. I gave him some grief for not giving me a family discount but he gave it right back to me by showing me one of my limiting beliefs about money. I was so stuck that I couldn't even pretend to be rolling in abundance. I could have made up as much money as I wanted to spend. How fun is that! Thankfully, he was having none of my limiting beliefs. I bought a couple of items, paid by check (creatively made from an index card) and made sure he knew that I would definitely be a repeat customer!

4. Chillin with Sitcoms & Britcoms
More and more I’m becoming very selective with what I spend my time watching. In fact, I haven’t watched TV in a couple of months and I feel great. If I watch anything it’s a TV series on DVD. I rent them from the library and I love them! They keep me in such a great feeling place. I mostly watch comedies, especially ones from the 70s like Mary Tyler Moore, Bob Newhart, MASH, etc. I also love the Britcoms like Vicar of Dibley, Chef, As Time Goes By, Are You Being Served, etc. I really enjoy watching them and they keep me in a good feeling place.

5. Relaxing Bath
I love taking bubble baths. Most people that know me say you can never go wrong getting me bubble bath, gels, soaps, lotions, etc. I love it all! I’ve been known to spend so much time in the bathtub that I have to empty the tub and put more hot water in. I find it incredibly soothing and relaxing and it always makes me feel better.

Well there you have it, five ways that I use to raise my vibration. I really feel good. I think I'll go color something.

Now to spread all those good vibes, here are five posts from some of my favorite bloggers. I enjoy each of these writers because they are insightful, uplifting and they help me look at life in a fresh way. Enjoy these wonderful writers.

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Don is such an insightful writer. He has written a wonderful post about our make-believe world; we make our life turn out according to what we believe.

Live The Power - Instant Gratification and Deliberate Creation
I recently discovered this site. I love this post because it's a sweet reminder to enjoy the journey of life experience.

Magic Happens - The Fascinating Subconscious
I always feel happier after I visit this site. This post is about the important role our subconscious mind plays in the creation of our life experience.

Peace Love, and Harmony - Bringing Peace Into Your Life
I am very intersted in peace. I find this site to be very uplifting, peaceful and thought-provoking.

Thoughts Transfrom - Welcome
This is a wonderful website that provides fantastic resources to help us create the life we desire. It feels good to visit here.


Cardin said...

Hey there!

Great list! I love that you allowed your nephews to be your touch point for "high vibes". You created such a fun, light-spirited list.

I had a lot of fun reading your post, thanks so much for playing!

Cardin Lilly

Karen Lynch said...

Hey Maddy (Lori?)
Thank you! Thank you! I am honored that you enjoy my site. I loved your post as I also love to "color" and play "make believe" and I love bubble baths! So I could relate!
Have a Joyful Day!

carita (magichappens) said...

Hey Lori (Maddy),

Receiving your email and invitation to play the "High Vibe It" game was like a gift from the Universe. So thankyou for honouring my site with a tag and introducing me to your fabulous sight/site and opening a new world of blogs for my perusal and enjoyment. I loved the lessons your nephews taught you (and me) through your sharing. I look forward to reading more of your posts.

Maddy said...

@ Cardin - Thanks for inviting me to play. It's been a lot of fun and I've met some really great people through your invitation! Besides having a great site, you are doing a really good thing for a lot of bloggers out there by promoting this game. So thanks!

@ Karen & Carita - I was glad to tag your sites. I love promoting sites that can get me thinking about things and keep me uplifted at the same time. This includes you too Cardin.

Cardin said...

Hey Maddy!

Thanks a million for the kind words about the game and about my site. :)

The High Vibes Game really has been an incredible journey--I think because it's one of those things that does good for many people, it's truly had this amazing energy to it, that feels far and above anything I'm capable of doing on my own.

Thanks again for playing,
Cardin Lilly

Rodrigo said...

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