Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Deliberate Living

May was a very good month for me and I intended it to be that way. I made a decision to be very clear and deliberate about what I was choosing to create in my life. Since we create our reality according to our thoughts I wanted to be deliberate about what I was thinking and therefore creating. This meant thinking thoughts on purpose, finding ways to move up the emotional scale by feeling relief and allowing my Well-Being to flow.

There was a lot of contrast that came up that helped to get me clear about my creations. Contrast (variety) is such a good thing. The contrast helped me clean up my vibration where I still had some fuzzy thinking going on. It caused me to be more focused and deliberate about the person I want to be, how I want to live my life, how I want my daily life to flow, what I want to demonstrate, etc. I became more deliberate about my creations because it felt good to do it. I could feel the relief in getting clear instead of feeling the frustration about why the unwanted situation manifested. I kept reaching for the feeling of relief.

Most of you know that I've been practicing a new vibration around money and abundance. I am now seeing evidence of that change in vibration. Things in my physical reality are starting to take shape from the images I've been holding in my mind. Of course that has always been happening but this time I'm seeing the things I've been intending and looking forward to now start to come in.

I thought about what I would be doing if were living my ideal life. Some of the things I thought about were having drum circles and musical gatherings, poetry readings, movie nights and pot luck suppers at my home. Friends and family would be dropping by to visit because being in my home and being with me is such a comforting, good feeling and uplifting place to be. And of course my life would be lived from a place of abundance not lack. I began living my ideal life in my mind and then I started to find ways to live it in my daily life.

I began reading books on poetry and started a notebook of favorite poems to share when I start my poetry gatherings. I read books about how to live more creatively and started implementing suggestions that resonated with me. I started playing the musical instruments I already had at my house and started learning to play the guitar. I'm creating my home to reflect my new beliefs and desires and I'm making sure my house is ready for impromptu visits from friends and family. I'm keeping myself tuned in, taped in and turned on as Abraham says so that I can be a source of comfort and connection for my friends, family and readers as they seek my counsel on various situations in their lives. I want to teach self-empowerment and connection to Source and I intend my life to be a living demonstration of that intention.

It feels so good to create on purpose. I love the changes that are happening in my life and what I love the most is how fun, self-empowering and easy this process can be.


Annie said...

This is a wonderful post! I am doing the same thing, little steps everyday that look like my dream life. I love your story you left on my comments about trust, thanks for sharing. I love Abe too :-).

Lori said...

Thanks for stopping by Annie! Your blog post on trust really got me thinking. Nice job.

Suzanne said...

Your feel-good energy is strong and empowered. I enjoyed reading about your intentions for your home. They sound like so much fun. And you are "bringing it home" with poetry and music -- what a lovely way to create. Thanks for sharing your adventure in deliberate creating, Lori.

Melba said...

Hi Lori,
It is nice to meet other people who are working through some of the processes by Abraham-Hicks.
I am looking forward to reading more of your blog.

I saw a badge on flowingdreaming on your blog. I briefly browsed the flowdreaming site just two weeks ago, but it didn't totally resonate with me at the time. Do you like it?

Lori said...

Suzanne - thank you so much for your kind words. I am having a lot of fun creating my home and am looking forward to having gatherings here very soon.

Melba - I do love Abraham-Hicks! Their teachings have been life changing for me and I really resonate with them. I like the idea of Flowdreaming and use it as a visual tool to get me in the flow as Abe says. I have a couple of her Flowdreaming CDs and I like them because they easily get me into the feeling place of flowing downstream.