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My DVD Workshop Notes from the 2005 Abraham Alaskan Well-Being Cruise - Part 3

My apologies for the lapse in the workshop notes over the past few days. I had a family situation this week that needed my full attention. Here is Part 3 of my notes.

Make a decision to use the emotional guidance system that you are born with. Be the vibrational being that you are and be aware of your vibrational frequency. It's not necessary to align your frequencies with anyone else on the planet, it's about aligning the frequencies within you. That is all it's about. And the only way to do that is to be aware of your emotional guidance system. You emotions are the indication of the mix of vibration.

Abraham talks again about Jerry & Esther's navigational system called Magellan. Magellan wants to know where you want to go because it knows where you are and can guide you. With your emotional guidance system you have to know where you are as you are making your way to someplace else and the feeling of relief that you feel as you begin to move up the emotional scale is your indication of your improved vibration.

On one end of the emotional scale are those good feeling emotions like joy, love, passion, appreciation. The other end of the scale feels like fear, disempowerment, depression. As you pay attention to how you feel you can tell which end of the scale you are leaning towards.

On the good feeling end of the scale is your perception of freedom and on the not so good feeling end of the scale is your perception of disempowerment. It is your perception that is important because you are the one who is projecting thought. As you begin to understand this then you will understand that as you improve your place on the emotional scale you will feel the feeling of relief. Each time you move up the emotional scale even the slightest bit the subsequent feeling to you is one of releasing resistance and releasing resistance always feels like relief. Allowing is on the good feeling end of the scale and resistance is on the not so good feeling end of the scale.

Magellan makes a big squawk when Jerry & Esther veer off from the highlighted route. Your emotions are giving you similar information.

No one has the ability to choose for you more effectively for you than you do. When a preference is born within you Source comes into immediate agreement with it, this is what the evolution of the Universe and of every species is about. You didn't come into these physical bodies intending to take a few good ideas and then whittle them down to even fewer ideas. You didn't say lets take all that everyone is living and just get a philosophy we can all agree on. You said let's take all the ideas that exist and expand them to even more. Let whatever is there be there while we control what comes into our own physical experience.

Abraham gives an example of being a chef in a well stocked kitchen with every ingredient imaginable. You decide you want to make a pie and gather all the ingredients together to make the kind of pie you want. But then you notice some ingredients in the kitchen that you don't want in your pie and you announce that you want those ingredients removed from the kitchen. Abraham says, if you don't want those ingredients in your pie then don't put them there. You think that just because those unwanted ingredients are in the kitchen means that they can somehow get in the pie you are creating. Abraham says that someone else might want those ingredients in their pie and not to worry because no one can ever put anything in your pie, you put every ingredient in so it's best to allow all of it and focus only on the ingredients that you want to include in your pie/creation.

When you say that you want everything you don't like removed from the kitchen, you are attempting the impossible, you are attempting the limiting of the Universe. Make the unique pie that is pleasing to you and keep your nose out of everyone else's pie. It's only by putting your nose in their pie that gets what they are doing in your pie to begin with.

Make peace with where you are because as you are standing in a place where you are unhappy with your incompletion you hold yourself in a place where you don't allow what's ready to come in to come in.

There will never be a time that you will say - there is nothing more that I am wanting - because the contrast always causes a new desire to be born. As the new desire is born, at first it is odd, because you are not a vibrational match to it. Now your work is to become a vibrational match to your own desire and this is done by moving up the emotional scale.

You look at it, imagine it, pretend it. You remember things like it and in time you become a vibrational match to it and then everything is in alignment. When everything is in alignment the manifestation occurs. There will always be another unfulfilled desire, something that you are working towards coming into vibrational alignment with. When you relax in that now you have it.

Now you can stand in a relaxed attitude, in a place of constant joy, allowing the contrast (variety) as it comes to you to produce the new, clear idea, knowing that you can come easily into alignment. When you really get it that there is nothing that you can't be, do or have - now you'll be like the sculptor who stands in a place with the materials and you won't be unhappy when you've got your hands on this first big glob of clay. You never see them throw it down and then complain - oh, it didn't turn out right. Each time they know that they have to do some work so that the clay on the table begins to match the image in their mind. Some have a pretty clear idea of the image they are going for in the beginning and some of them the idea continues to evolve as they work with the clay. There is always another clump of clay they can work with but they discovered long ago as genius creators the joy of making the clay match the image.

And that is really what your work is. You've got all this contrast that is giving birth to these ideas that are formulating and now it's your work to make the vibrational content of you match the images that are being held for you in vibrational escrow.

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