Monday, May 25, 2009

My DVD Workshop Notes from the 2005 Abraham Alaskan Well-Being Cruise - Part 2

You are Source Energy in a physical body. You are out here on the leading edge of thought assisting in the expansion of the Universe.

Your emotions are your indication of what you are doing with your vibration. This is why it is so important to pay attention to how you feel. Your emotions tell you where you are vibrating and your vibration equals your point of attraction. Once you really understand this you will never be surprised about what manifests in your life. You can't set your radio dial on 630 AM and receive what's being broadcast on 98.7 FM, the frequencies have to match up.

If you want more money but you've got your frequency set on I don't have enough money, more money cannot come to you.

As you are observing what is you are offering a vibration that matches what you are observing and the Universe matches that vibration and gives you more. Then you observe more of what is and get more of what is.

If you want what is to change you have to start offering a different vibration. Don't continue to fight what is but instead make peace with it. Try to find a way of looking at what is and make yourself feel better about it. As you find a way to make peace with where you are, you begin to open your vibrational portals and will begin to allow in those things that have been waiting for you in vibrational escrow.

It's wonderful that you live in an environment with this glorious buffer of time. Be glad that your thoughts don't manifest instantly. Often you are nearly on the brink of manifestation but because you stop and take score and see that it hasn't physically manifested yet your vibration turns to one that is reflected by disappointment and then you start moving away from what you said you wanted. Your thinking either brings you closer to your desired manifestations or takes you away from them.

Abraham offers a few examples:

Jerry and Esther being in Phoenix and wanting to go to San Diego. J&E know that if they head west and keep a reasonable speed they will arrive in San Diego. They never get to the halfway point which is Yuma, AZ and get so unhappy about not being in San Diego that they get discouraged and turn around and go back to Phoenix.

Having a body that is sick. You are starting to find some hope and optimism and are moving well along the way to a full recovery but because the manifestation is not yet evident and is not yet showing up on the doctors scans and tests you assume that you are not on your way to recovery, you freak out about the test results and you head back to Phoenix.

Struggling with not having enough money. You find a vibration out of sheer willpower or desire and are doing a good job of lining up with it and your financial situation starts turning around. But then something happens to cause you to look abruptly at what is and you find yourself focusing on the lack or the opposite of what you want. The disappointment, anger and worry you feel is your indication that you have lost your vibrational bead on your vibrational frequency and now you've turned around and are headed back to Phoenix.

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