Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Dealing With Resistance

I realized yesterday that I am still dealing with some resistant thoughts concerning my finances. I was still feeling a bit tired this morning so I asked myself what I was worried about or afraid of and then I wrote down everything that came to mind (it's important not to hold anything back when you do this). Allow whatever you are feeling to come through.

I find it helpful when I'm dealing with resistance to write down everything that worries, angers, or frustrates me about the situation. Just writing it out releases something within me and I always feel better as soon as I do it. I find that what comes out is always right on target for what's causing the resistance.

There were three things that immediately came to mind. I won't go into everything but for sharing purposes I will reveal the first thing I wrote down.

I won't have enough money to cover everything that is due.

I asked myself is this was true. Initially, I tried to justify why it was true but it really wasn't because not all the payments are due yet. How do I know I won't have enough money when the time comes. I was pre-paving a negative outcome and I didn't even realize it. You see, I won't have enough money to cover everything that is due is a thought I'm very familiar with. I've been thinking it for a long time and it has been my experience for a long time. Without realizing it I was allowing this familiar thought to influence my vibration like it always has but things are different now.

I'm creating a new experience with money and that thought is one I don't want to take into my new experience. I never noticed it much before because thoughts of lack were so familiar and never having enough money was part of my everyday life. But things are shifting in my finances (for the positive) and that thought is no longer a familiar vibration that goes unnoticed. The negative emotion and doubt I was experiencing was telling me that I was thinking a thought that wasn't in alignment with my intention and it manifested in my physical experience as being physically tired.

Once I was aware of the resistant thought it was easy to change it. I knew that it didn't feel good to think it and it was causing me a lot of stress. So even if the thought was true that I wouldn't have the money needed to pay what was due, just the fact that it was causing me stress is reason enough to stop thinking it and instead reach for a thought that feels better. After all, we get what we think about and continuing to think lackful thoughts brings more lackful situations.

I started to think thoughts on purpose that brought me a feeling of relief; feeling relief is the key. You can't just say some positive words and expect things to get better. You can't fake it with the Universe and you can't fake the vibration you are sending out. Reach for any thought that brings you a feeling of relief and you'll be feeling better before you know it. That's what I did and before I knew it I was feeling 100% better and the tired feeling was gone.

What I find interesting about this experience is that previously I would have dismissed the tired feeling as the result of allergies, staying up too late, fighting off a cold, etc. I would have made a justification of it instead of seeing it as an indication of resistance. Once I was aware that it was resistance and investigated the thought behind it both the lackful thought and the tiredness went away.

I feel great!

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