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My DVD Workshop Notes from the 2005 Abraham Alaskan Well-Being Cruise - Part 1

The 2005 Abraham Alaskan Well-Being Cruise DVD is one of my favorites. I have practically worn the DVD out. I was watching it last night and had the idea to share my notes as part of my blog posts. I was also thinking it would be a good focus project for me to keep me on track with my intentions. My notes are pretty extensive so I will be posting the notes in sections instead of doing them at one time. Here is Part 1.

Contrast or variety exists to help you conclude personal preferences or as Abraham calls them rockets of desire. As a rocket of desire vibrationally radiates from you it is answered immediately but you don't always know that because you've forgotten that you are a vibrational being.

You are here in this time-space reality with all of this great manifestational stuff around and you have gotten so good at interpreting what is around you through your physical sensors - you translate vibration and that's how you see, hear, smell, taste, etc. - that you've forgotten it's a vibrational world.

When you see something that you want and you say yes to it, it is included in your vibration. When you see something you don't want and you say no to it, it is included in your vibration. So, without knowing it you are including many things, wanted and unwanted, in your vibration. Because you don't remember that you are a vibrational being, you end up not tending to your vibration and then must deal with things once they have manifested. When you wait until something has manifested it's easy to get in the habit of observing what is and when you get in the habit of observing what is, it becomes easy to perpetuate what is. If you want what is to change you have to start offering a different vibration and you do this by deliberately projecting your thought.

It doesn't matter if you are thinking about something in the past, present or future or what you are observing, pondering, musing, imagining, or wondering. Whatever you are focused on is activating a thought vibration within you that Law of Attraction is matching. It's the way the entire Universe is established. You don't have to work at it or learn how to do it. It just happens.

Your personal preferences or rockets of desire shoot into what Abraham calls your vibrational escrow. Your vibrational escrow is where your desires are being held for you while waiting for you to become in vibrational alignment with them.

The moment your personal preference is born Source Energy (God) agrees with that preference. Even if you don't speak words about it a vibration emanates from you and Source immediately becomes one with that vibration. Now there is a strong current or signal pulsating within you.

Abraham starts talking about Jerry & Esther's navigational system called Magellan. Magellan has only one function and that is to determine the route between where J & E are and where they want to be. It gives turn by turn descriptions both verbally and visually. It is not relevant where they have been. Your Emotional Guidance System works exactly the same way.

There is a constant steady projection of your intention that is born from your everyday experience and Source is saying, yes we agree, yes we agree...and that agreement means all the resources of the Universe are put toward your achievement of whatever you have set into motion. If this time-space reality has the ability to inspire that preference within you then this time-space reality has the ability to deliver it. You have so many magnificent creations awaiting your alignment.

This alignment is called the Art of Allowing and it is about bringing yourself into vibrational alignment with what you've projected and Source Energy is agreeing with that is in your vibrational escrow. The better you feel the more in vibrational alignment with it you are and the worse you feel the more out of alignment with it you are.

Many of you aren't that interested or don't really care about the way you feel but the way you feel is your indication of your alignment with what you have been saying you want.

Abraham now gives an example of being out of alignment with your desire. You open your American Express bill and are overwhelmed at the amount of money that is due. You know you don't have enough money to pay the bill. At that moment you launch a rocket of desire that says I'd really like to have a significant amount of extra money coming in and Source agrees and says we agree it's on the way. But then you say I don't have enough money. What was I thinking when I spent this money. Look at them they've got more money than they need. I don't know why I don't do better financially. As you worry and complain about not having enough money, you hold yourself out of alignment with what you just asked for which was a significant amount of extra money coming in. When you beat the drum of where you are in relationship to money you hold yourself apart from the money that's accumulating for you but is being massaged and aligned with circumstances and events that accommodate you with a wonderful unfolding.

More notes tomorrow.

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